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Hiatus. Dunno when I'll be back.
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Hey guys. Uh .. im still thinking of when to fully come back. I’ve been pretty active on shizukanasenshi right now.

I’ve been thinking if I come back, I may reboot link. I feel like I can’t really have the same link, uh..yk? Idk, he’s been stripped and beaten ever since Dante left, tbh. He hasn’t been the same.
Idk either he finds himself a lover or something I dunno

I dont want to get rid of Vanya either, though, so. .there may be revamping around where she also stays, or comes back. Either stays as she is, or is changed a little (and by a little, I mean the “other half” aside from hylian. Like.  Either stay half demon or..yk. idk.)

I dunno, still thinking it over. This blog has gotten so ooc and I apologize. When I come back with a revived link, I hope I can get some activity and threads going with him.

I dunno if anyone really missed me here anyway, but. You CAN find me at shizukanasenshi.
Link will be back. Eventually. Keep waiting, alright? He’ll be back and better than ever soon.

Thanks to all those that are sticking around. Love you guys.

I’m moving off to the other blog now.
Sorry for the drama. You can find me on Koemi’s blog. I linked it in my hiatus post.

  snowyworlds said:
People are complaing about... how you rp?? I don't.. What? People have different ways of rping. :/

People have also complained about my nose, and bring it into their insults all the time.
Apparently I’m the only rp blog not allowed to do fun one-liner replies or starters

  Anonymous said:
Ignore those people. You are an AMAZING rper. You deserve so much better and your role plays are NOT boring. Don't be sorry cause there's nothing to be sorry for. -S

I truly apologize for the drama I caused though. I can’t seem to do things right on this blog, so. I really dunno what to do anymore. Sorry

  Anonymous said:
Okay honestly, the anon does have a point. You beg and beg for replies or starters and then I've noticed you just waste them by answering with a face claim and a sentence, sometimes even just a few words. You have to make people want to come back for more and the way you handle your muse is actually quite boring

if i could keep up a full multi-para rp then that would even be great for me, but like i said most rps that i have end up being dropped or im not reminded and made to be the bad guy

can we please stop with this because im so tired of being made to feel guilty over a decision im so fucking sorry

  teenalphabro said:

  Anonymous said:
I can't really say much more than that, since I don't know how muses work for you... I don't know if they're the type that are real to you, or you just need to replay/rewatch their source to get a better grasp, or what... I'll say right now I'd miss him if he were gone forever, because you have a really interesting take on him, and your writing for him is superb.

to me theyre kinda like. real ? i treat them like people. so.. if they’re stressed i back off.

im glad you like link, and im sorry all this happened because i decided to go on hiatus. he should be back eventually, right now i just don’t know. its hard when i literally get no activity to do anything, so im just going to back off this account for a bit.

in my hiatus post i linked to another blog that im currently active on. if you want to do anything with me, feel free to message there.

  Anonymous said:
Muses tend to come-and-go for people sometimes. It's no big fucking deal, other anon. Link got fried and worn out, give the guy a fucking break, he and his mun have been through enough. The inactivity? Happens occasionally. Take the hiatus and come back when Link's ready to... It'll work out a lot better than waiting around. I've done this with a few of my own muses and I can say that for a fact.

i really just planned to take a hiatus until something would jump start him or i’d find a partner that’s willing to keep up a thread with him, since i seem to always have bad luck and get abandoned, or i never see a reply and no one reminds me and then im out to be made the bad guy

the whole reason link is fried out is because i forced him into getting replies done so no one would bitch at me.

now that i have no link muse, idk what else im supposed to do. i dont even know if i want to keep this stupid account anymore, every opinion or decision i make about link gets me in trouble i guess. im so tired of it, its not fair.

((*drop kicks anon* Nobody chooses to have a difficult muse. Hell, a couple of mine are like nope good bye Link go pester another muse into replying. They do that, and its fine. You cant help it))

and its not only that but i always seem to have bad luck in partners, where im always dropped, ignored, or i get no one answering an open starter.

i dunno what else im supposed to do but go on hiatus since no one seems to really interact anyway.

but im always wrong, so i guess i cant even do that.

  Anonymous said:
We all have that muse that is difficult to deal with. I myself have those times. You just need a little help kick starting them again. I will certainly help if I can. -Sir Anon

and see thats really all i ask for.

but more often than not i get 0 replies.

cant be mad at me for giving up.

im not even sure what im supposed to do anymore, i seem to be wrong in any decision i make and im so tired of crying