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Independant roleplay blog for Twilight Princess Link.

Post game events, with Link fated to corruption by the Fused Shadows. Please read rules and headcanon page before interacting.
corrupted hero;

|  |   ; His head hurt.

                                 That was almost a terrible understatement. His head was killing him. Every wandering step he took, it thudded, louder, and louder, and even fogged his vision—only slightly, but enough for him to notice. The worst thing was he was used to these sudden headaches. He had been getting them quite some time. What was worse, was he had no idea why, or what from.

                                  He rubbed the palm of his hand against where it hurt most, hoping the pressure may soothe it just a little, or at least distract his mind from the terrible aching. Oh,  how everything was beginning to hurt. Even his ears were ringing. What really was he going through?

                                 He must have looked like a mess, pastel locks messy under the hat, fingers slipping through his fringe every once and a while to push it from his eyes, as he stepped, with the occasional stagger. He watched his own feet, maybe a foot or two in front of him, as he walked. If he could find an inn, maybe he could rest, and not have to sleep in the fields again, since being so far from home.

                                ❝ Sina des jigoku… ❞ He muttered, honestly unsure of how loud it had been, or whom could have been around. Where was he, anyway?



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|  |   ; Just where was he now ?

                                 What his luck to get himself lost. Link seemed to be doing that a lot, these days, and now, he had absolutely no idea where he was. Everything was so unfamiliar, that it made his head hurt. But instead of sitting around and moping, he decided to look around.

                                 He had to admit that where he was did look beautiful. There were so many of..what he could guess were rooms. The walls were etched in drawings or unfamiliar language. He was merely so captivated, he didn’t notice anyone else, until he had ran straight into them, toppling over them as they both crashed to the floor.

                                 How embarrassing.

                             ❝ Oh my gosh— I’m so sorry! I.. I didn’t see you there..! ❞ he cried. His cheeks had tinged a bit of a red colour, and he was rendered immobile. 

The Gun Slinger Has Returned


In all of his red-leather glory, Dante strode into his shop. His home. Ah, it had been far too long, hadn’t it?

He tossed Rebellion down, the broadsword sticking in the wood and standing upright. Ah, yes. Home.

He went to his desk, pulling the chair out and kicking his feet up. 


Now, he could sleep.

|  |   ; Just kidding.

                                 The pointed eared man was lost, that was for sure. And his head was aching, there was something wrong, and evil about where he had ended up. It didn’t settle right with him. And as he wandered, the brightly coloured sign perched high on a building caught his eye. Perhaps there was someone there. it seemed to be a shop..?
                                 He paced a bit closer to the building, and with one hand, pushed it open. The door creaked. It was old. He glanced around a bit, looking sorely out of place in the dirty, olive green tunic, spying the man at his desk.

                                 ❝ Erhhh, excuse me,  ❞ He called out. ❝ Can I ask for a bit of help ?  ❞ 


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